ANZ Indoor League

Starts : Monday 7th May
Finish : Saturday 19th August (11.59pm NZT)

The ANZ League indoor league series is a fun event where archers of all skill levels can compete with each other. The League series does not separate archers into divisions based on age or gender; only the bow type you shoot determines what division you are in.
This year we are fortunate to have Hoyt Archery and Pats-Archery sponsoring the event with some really awesome prizes for the winners of the Compound and Recurve Handicap and Overall divisions. Prizes to be announced over the coming weeks

  • The event format is a 18m Vegas round – 30 arrows at 18m, 40cm 3-Spot target (can be vertical or triangle) or single spot face.
  • Events shall be run to World Archery rules, but without a requirement for timing or judges.
    • Max arrow size is 9.3mm (EG Easton x23 Shafts)
  • Divisions shall be: Open Compound, Open Recurve, Open Recurve Barebow, Open Longbow, Open Crossbow (no gender or age divisions)
  • Participants must be members of ArcheryNZ.
  • Archers may shoot and score only 1 round per calendar week (Monday-Sunday)
  • Clubs may organise multiple timeslots to shoot the event, but competitors may only shoot one round each per week. Competitors must nominate that they are shooting a League round before commencing, and the round shall be valid for that week as soon as the first scoring end is commenced.
  • All scores must be verified by at least one member of each participating club, and entered into no later than 10am the following Monday.
  • Entrance to the League is free of charge for all ArcheryNZ members.
    • Those wishing to participate in the League Series can join ArcheryNZ as a 'Postal Member' for $30nzd
  • Within each division, there shall be an Overall Champion and a Handicapped Champion:
    • The Overall Championship shall be determined based on the highest aggregate score of each archer’s top 10 submitted scores.
    • The Handicapped Championship shall be determined based on the archer's highest 10 combined value of Points, awarded as follows:
      • i. An archer’s handicap for each week is calculated = (300 – mean average of previous rounds shot to date in the calendar year). This handicap is added to the archers score to give an adjusted total.
  • By submitting a score, archers are confirming that they are adhering to Archery NZ's Integrity and Shooting Polices as found on the Archery NZ Website